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The Cat That Tamed a Flame

(The Cat That, book 2)

The second book in The Cat That Series follows the same feline hero as in The Cat That Made Nothing Something Again, but both books can be read independently from one another.

Having restored the life-giving moisture to the land, and returned to his life as a house cat, Samuel’s leisurely existence is once again interrupted—this time by a visit from a wolf. With news that a rampant flame threatens to burn down the forest, Samuel travels with his new companion in hopes of stopping the fire before it spreads across the land. Yet new dangers await our feline hero as the harsh realities of nature put his survival skills to the test.


This is a children story / children book written mainly for second graders (2nd graders) or older (ages 7-12 +). It’s a great starter book for early readers, and parents can feel confident in sharing The Cat That Tamed a Flame with their kids. There are no sexual situations, gore, or foul language. Just clean, good old fairy tale fun. And, unlike many Christian books, this one isn’t preachy—it provides subtle messages of faith and hope while reflecting on the Parable of the Prodigal Son.

What real people said about it:

"This is a great children's story. Having daughters of my own I am always on the lookout for new books for them especially ones with imagination and truth, which this one has both. The adventure starts with Samuel, a wolf and many interesting characters along the way, as he tries to save a home for forest animals from a dangerous fire. There is also the message of friendship, love and acceptance not to mention humor :-) threaded throughout this story. I really liked it. It was both entertaining and hopeful." - Jennifer, Goodreads Reader

"I'm reviewing this based on my CHILD's reaction, as this is a juvenile novel. It's written in fairy tale style, so the characters and dialog are unrealistic in that sense, but the story has a good message and my daughter truly enjoyed it. I read it to her chapter by chapter each night at bedtime, and she would always ask me to please keep going! She had no problem following the story, or keeping the characters straight. I definitely recommend the book, and it's predecessor "The Cat That Made Nothing Something Again" which I read to my kids last year and they both enjoyed it." - Kat, Amazon Reviewer

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The Cat That Tamed a Flame

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