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Traphis: A Wizard's Tale

As the son of a great wizard, Traphis doesn’t understand why his mother and father have forbidden him from learning magic. Raised to tend fields, he often dreams of a bigger life–one in which he performs in front of an awe-stricken crowd.

A year after the death of his father, Traphis, now fifteen-years-old, spies his mother tossing a collection of magic books into a nearby creek. Unbeknownst to her, he is able to rescue them and read their contents hidden within his secret cave.

Opening himself up to the world of magic, a dark presence surfaces–one which has been seeking to track him down for years. Hidden secrets of the past unfold as Traphis joins other trainees in hopes of learning the skills necessary to survive. The more answers he uncovers the more mysteries arise, sending him down the path of a true wizard, which is far more dangerous than he ever imagined.


Since this was written to appeal to teens and young adults, there are a few places that may be considered disturbing to younger children. No foul language or sexual situations, but there is a degree of action violence–done to enhance the story rather than shock the reader. Nothing inappropriate for preteens and older. This should appeal to boys and girls; there are strong characters representing both genders–though the protagonist is a boy.

What real people said about it:

"I started this one and couldn’t put it down. I found it very entertaining and my brain was in overdrive as it pictured all the details of this creative world. I really enjoyed it and loved the way it kept me wanting to read more. I highly recommend this book." - Vashti, Goodreads Reader

"Traphis: A Wizards's Tale is a fine fantasy sure to please both Potter and Eragon fans. A coming of age story with plenty of magic and a good cast of characters. The story is well crafted, highly polished, with excellent dialog and three dimensional characters." - Karlton, Amazon Reviewer

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Traphis A Wizard's Tale

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